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Close Protection

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Reasons why to hire London Bodyguard Services?

If you’re a public figure, politician, celebrity, chances are that you don’t feel safe traveling and attending events without a bodyguard by your side. There is an increased need for personal protection in London and the rest of the world. Spetsnaz Security International bodyguards are at your service if a famous person is looking for London UK Personal Protection Services.

About Our Bodyguard Security Services in London

To meet British High Standards and the criteria at (SIA), which is the statutory organization responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK., All of our Protection Officers (Bodyguards) hold valid Close Protection License with the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Bodyguard's security service is personal protection provided by trained and licensed bodyguards. Bodyguards are security professionals who have passed extensive security training or have a background in the armed forces, police, or security services. Usually, people hire Personal Protection Officers (PPO) to protect an individual from all harm, including assault, kidnapping, angry fans, powerful enemies.

The role of a bodyguard differs from one client to another, depending on their security needs and risk levels. Duties of a bodyguard include but are not limited to:

Professional bodyguard service in London is usually paramount for wealthy and famous people such as performers, business executives, heads of state, CEOs, and anyone else who feels they are at risk.

Why Do People Hire Bodyguards in London?

We can see wealthy individuals and British stars in the company of bodyguards. It is only logical since they are public individuals who attend various events with diverse crowds. Unfortunately, due to the nature of their jobs, they are often targeted by obsessed fans or simply by people who disapprove of what they do.

There is a risk of theft as well. As wealthy, influential people, stars, and politicians, criminals or thieves frequently target them. As a result, these rich celebrities and notable business people often hire professional bodyguards to protect them and their assets.

The mere presence of a Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard) can deter criminals and angry fans from attempting any funny business. Additionally, our bodyguards have an ex-military background, experience, skills, and the proper knowledge in handling dangerous situations and protecting the client at all costs. Finally, their presence gives clients peace of mind knowing they’re in safe hands.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Bodyguards in London?

Celebrities and politicians perform public jobs and, therefore, they cannot just walk anywhere they want entirely unprotected. So, you never know who may lurk to attempt to rob you or harm you because they dislike your work or because they are looking for an easy way to get money.

Hiring a competent bodyguard ensures your safety and reduces the need to worry about appearing in public places. Whether you want a professional bodyguard to drive you to a premiere or accompany you on a trip to an international meeting, the best way to protect yourself is to hire a qualified security agency with vast experience in these matters. If you feel threatened and unsafe appearing in public on your own, hiring a bodyguard is highly recommended.

Why Hire Spetsnaz Security International Bodyguards in London?

When it comes to your safety, there should not be any compromise. You want the best security agency in London for personal protection services. At Spetsnaz Security International, we take your security very seriously. We ensure to protect all our clients at all times.

We are a team of trained, licensed, and highly experienced security professionals ready to address your security needs right away. With decades of experience in the security business, we have what it takes to ensure no one harms you on our watch. We provide 24/7 emergency security services as well. Do you feel unsafe in public? Contact us, and let's talk about how we can help you.

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Private Investigation | Overt or Covert Surveillance | National and International

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What is Physical Surveillance?

They are recording the movements, activities, and Interactions of a Person or a group of people. Experienced surveillance agents are available national or international at relatively short notice to monitor and record any person or group of people's movements, interactions, and activities. Our agents fully equipped them with hi-tech audio/video/tracking equipment, and we can deploy them in teams comprising roving vehicles, motorcycles, and "boots on the ground." Can arrange aerial and waterborne observation. Surveillance is a critical investigative resource in any investigation or inquiry as it provides clear, unambiguous, and irrefutable visual proof of a person's actions.

Governments use surveillance for intelligence gathering, crime prevention, the protection of a process, person, group, object, or criminal investigation. However, criminal organizations also use it to plan and commit crimes and gather intelligence on competitors, suppliers, or customers.

What exactly is surveillance?

Surveillance monitors behavior, activities, or information to influence, manage, or direct. Leadership can include observation from a distance using electronic equipment, such as closed-circuit television (CCTV), or interception of electronically transmitted information, such as Internet traffic. It can also include simple technical methods, such as human intelligence gathering and postal interception.

How much does surveillance cost?

Surveillance usually is billed per agent, per hour. This hourly fee depends upon the area in which the administration is to take place, the number of hours of surveillance required, and other factors relevant to the matter. The standard A.A. rates will be charged per car per mile if used vehicles. We bill them at cost for other forms of transportation and incidental expenses (e.g., parking, tolls, entrance fees). We will discuss all costs with you beforehand. We would contact you to discuss and seek approval for any potential significant costs that arise during the surveillance so you will never end up with a final bill that you were not expecting.

This service aims to provide complete security services using physical and digital surveillance instead of close protection bodyguard services. Protective surveillance-counter surveillance is the same as a close protection bodyguard service but conducted invisible, giving you peace in mind and an advantage over your enemies/competitors. Performing operations on the street, our surveillance-counter surveillance officers are entirely invisible, and they can act as anything to blend the environment. These exceptional surveillance services give you an advantage in reclaiming the element of surprise and the tactical edge by conducting truly covert protective operations.

If you do not want a security guard shadowing your every move, we offer protective surveillance services. It is a more low-profile technique used to protect clients who wish to keep their privacy while having peace of mind that there is a responsive and capable security team nearby if a situation arises.

We provide security officers and electronic surveillance systems national and international to office buildings, construction sites, retail space, transportation facilities, private residences, neighborhoods, business and commercial properties, local communities, data centers, government, and non-government installations. Fulltime and part-time contracted services receive the same quality of service backed by our commitment to excellence.

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Residential Security

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They are protecting residential communities and improving the quality of life.

Your family Deserves peace of mind and Spetsnaz Security International's residential communities and improves the quality of life. Residential Patrols G.P.S. tracking of security officers, Professional, S.I.A. Licensed, trustworthy and reliable services and 100% customer satisfaction.

Protecting what matters the frontest Desk, Ambassador Services, Clients access to Online reports 24/7 Parking Enforcement & Security 24/7 Residential Patrol System, residential security.

We have experience, tested, and skilled in dealing with residential communities in London, Westminster, and Belgravia counties. Our access control, roving patrols, and front desk ambassadors provide personalized services to each resident. We treat residents, visitors, employees, and vendors with dignity and respect. Our mission is to provide safety to your family and keep your property safe at all costs 24/7, 7 days a week. Our classy and highly trained security guards will keep your residence secured. Contact us for information on how we can provide security to your residential property. In addition, we would love to evaluate your residential property.

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Event Security Guards | Party or Special Event Security Services

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#1 Security Guard Company London

Spetsnaz Security International is the premier security guard services company in London. We take great pride in our work throughout London and the surrounding regions. Spetsnaz Security International boasts a highly skilled and highly trained staff of event security guards; movie film set security, event staff, cash handling, secure transportation services, armed security guards, executive protection, on-set security, and business security technology consultants that have years of hands-on experience. Contact Spetsnaz Security International Service if you have any security concerns or needs of any type or size. Spetsnaz Security International Services provides on-demand security services to all parts of London, including Westminster, Belgravia, Brentford, Chiswick, Ealing, Mayfair, and more.

Spetsnaz Security International provides business owners, event promoters, managers, and private customers with integrated solutions to address any security concerns quickly, efficiently, and effectively. We can even provide celebrity bodyguards, movie set security, and red-carpet security. We can even provide celebrity bodyguards, movie set security, and red-carpet security. The modern world is frightening with evolving dangers that pose hazardous security concerns. Spetsnaz Security International Service will address these concerns with customized solutions designed by specialists that represent the best and most up-to-date talent and technology that this can find in the industry, let alone in the Nation. Spetsnaz Security International services provide innovative solutions such as:

  • Event Security – Any size event, from small gatherings to huge, filled arenas
  • Club Security – Nightclub security and bar security of any nature
  • Movie Set Security – Crowd control and constant set security
  • Election Security – Contentious election cycles can cause violent outbreaks
  • Around the Clock Security – 24/7 security and monitoring
  • Unarmed Security –When the cargo or customer needs trained specialists, we're here
  • V.I.P. Security  – We have guarded and protected many V.I.P.'s of all stature
  • Commercial & Private Security – Any properties of any size

Spetsnaz Security International Services is extremely qualified and constantly trained in new and improved methods to address security issues such as:

  • Stalkers
  • Large crowds & demonstrations
  • Terrorist activities
  • Violent attacks
  • Attempted theft
  • Break-ins
  • Fire prevention and detection
  • V.I.P. and individual protection
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Don't hesitate to contact us with confidentiality to tell us more about your security services requirements and the types of services you need. We will be happy to help out in any way possible to ensure that your event is a success.

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